“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand

as in what direction we are moving.”     

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

The more complex the environment in which you operate, the richer the opportunities for your future. However, complex issues can carry significant risks.

The Logue Group offers proven strategies for decision making processes that lead to effective action. We help our private, public and nonprofit clients make the best decisions or resolve disputes in ways that bring about solid workable solutions that enable all parties to act and interact effectively in the future. The Logue Group has extensive experience in guiding decision making, negotiation, mediation, facilitation, conflict management, situation assessment, consensus building and public engagement.

We also offer consulting services including strategic planning, coaching, feasibility analysis, program evaluation and organizational development. With considerable training experience in negotiation, conflict management and collaborative leadership skills, we can help you build the capacity of your organization to implement your goals.