Facilitation & Stakeholder Engagement

The Logue Group works with public officials and organizational leaders to design and facilitate meetings, retreats, workshops, collaborative initiatives and consensus building efforts. Using state of the art methodology and technology we focus on achieving results not just holding a meeting. We design meetings that bring people together in a civil and respectful environment to address issues of common importance, to solve shared problems, and to bring about positive social change. Effective public engagement invites diverse citizens to get involved in deliberation, dialogue and action on public issues that they care about. Most importantly, it helps leaders and decision makers better understand the perspectives, opinions, and concerns of citizens and stakeholders so they can make more informed decisions.

We work to ensure all voices are heard and no idea is lost. Participants are informed about important issues, hear a diversity of perspectives and understand critical trade-offs.

Diverse participants representative of the community are recruited for public meetings through targeted outreach. Stakeholders are engaged in a way that isn’t possible through more traditional processes. Interested parties are kept informed through meeting summaries and reports.

I participated in many of the meetings and found them to be models of how public meetings should be run. They were civil, well-attended, approachable to people who are new to the Green Line Extension (GLX) meetings and a welcome change from the highly charged, combative [other] meetings. It was great to meet neighbors and work in a collaborative environment to imagine ‘what if’…
— Stakeholder commenting on the visioning process where Bill and Loraine led the public meeting portions for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council

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