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We look forward to meeting you on Zoom at the upcoming 40-hour mediation training. In order to use our time effectively during the training we have shifted some of the training online. Please take the time to complete this portion of the training in the coming days. This online portion is divided into a number of modules. Each of those has several submodules. The submodules vary from about five minutes to almost fifteen minutes in length.

We have included some quizzes after the modules – they are short (and a little silly). Don’t worry they aren’t graded – just designed to discourage multitasking. We also have a few brief written assignments for you to reflect on what you have learned or prepare for the time we are together.

Please finish each module you start. You will be able to pause the video if you are interrupted. If you do not complete a module it may create issues re-accessing when you return. When you finish for the day use the “Logout” link. When you return you will be prompted to log back in. If you experience issues please email Bill at

You will have to do the lessons in order. After the lesson appears, scroll down to start the video by clicking on the play arrow. When you finish the video, if there is a check box, click the box to mark it complete and then click the link to the next module. At the end of some modules you may have to click “return to modules” to advance to the next segment.

See you soon.

Diane and Bill

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