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People come into mediation because they are in conflict. Pretty basic right. As a mediator you need to understand the dynamics of conflict and negotiation styles. Here we cover some of the basics.

In this segment you will explore your negotiation style and habits by completing the Dynamic Negotiating Approach Diagnostic – the DYNAD. It will give a sense of your tendencies during the easier and more difficult moments in a negotiation. It will also help you understand negotiation styles and strategies. Recognizing the style of a person in a mediation and how that meshes or doesn’t with the other party is a key skill of the mediator as negotiation coach.

Please do the steps in the order listed. Following this you will be asked to share a few of your scores.

1. Please download the instrument and complete it – that should take about 15 minutes. If you need context to answer the questions think in advance about a recent difficult situation, either personal or professional.

2. Once you have completed the instrument download the score sheet and style sheet and score the instrument.

3. Please bring these to the training to refresh your recollection for discussion on the first day.

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