Welcome to the Quinnipiac Mediation Certificate Program

Topic Progress:

We have assembled these materials to give you a head start for our time together. They include segments by Bill, Loraine and our good friend and colleague Diane Kenty who manages the court ADR programs in Maine.

We start with an overview of conflict and conflict styles before moving on to the basic principles, skills and stages of mediation. The look at different models of mediation.

We then dive into the beginning of the mediation process including intake, conflict mapping/assessment, pre-mediation preparation and the mediator opening remarks. That is followed by identifying the issues and setting the agenda. You then take a look at several different mediator styles before looking at communication skills of the mediator. We wrap up the first segment with a mediation video so you can see the pieces in action. Throughout we have sprinkled some quizzes and short written assignments.

After the video we will have two days together before we ask you to return for a bit more self-paced work before our final two days together.


Here is a rough outline of the anticipated time for the various modules.

  • Conflict – with reading and style instrument (+/- 40 minutes)
  • Understanding Negotiation – 3 segments with quizzes and readings (+/- 45 minutes)
  • Introduction to Mediation- 5 segments with exercises readings and reflection (+/- 1 hour 45 minutes)
  • Beginning the Mediation – 6 segments with reading and reflections (+/- 1 hour 40 minutes)
  • Mediator Style – 1 segment with reading and reflection – (+/- 50 minutes)
  • Communication – 2 segments (+/- 25 minutes)
  • Mediation video (90 Minutes + reflection 15 minutes)
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