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I look forward to meeting you in person in just a few days In order to use our time efficiently during the workshop I have prepared a few modules covering come basic generic concepts about mediation and negotiation. Some of the details may not directly apply to they type of mediations you will be conducting but the concepts will hold true.

Most of the modules are about 8-15 minutes long. Please take the time to complete them before we are together.

Associated with several modules are short reflections or exercises. I have included some quizzes after several of the modules – they are short (and a little silly). Don’t worry they aren’t graded – just designed to discourage multitasking.

There are a few readings that address some topics in deeper detail than we will have time for in the session. My hope is that the readings and the modules will give you a head start so you can spend most of the time when we are together practicing mediation skills and receiving feedback.

Please finish each module you start. You will be able to pause the video if you are interrupted. If you do not complete a module and exit without logging out it may create issues re-accessing when you return. (I can fix this when it happens but given the holidays it may take a day for me to get to it.) When you finish for the day use the “Logout” link. When you return you will be prompted to log back in. If you experience issues please email me at I have found that there are occasionally glitches so apologies in advance.

Because of a technical issues on setup, the volume varies slightly within several modules.

You will have to do the lessons in order.

After the lesson appears, scroll down to start the video by clicking on the play arrow. When you finish the video, if there is a check box, click the box to mark it complete and then click the link to the next module. Also look to the bottom of the page as there may be an associated article to open and read.

Without any introduction or preamble we are going to dive right in with an overview and quick information on negotiation as the underlying the mediation process, then the modules move on to mediation, communication and difficult conversations before a video depicting an employment mediation. Please excuse the date references in the first introductory video as it was recorded for a prior Bowdoin program

See you soon.


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