Facilitation & Consensus Building

“I suppose if you don’t collaborate you can come with force of arms, creating successes and try repeating that. But that doesn’t happen with the input of others. The issue is: can the results be sustained after a strong individual moves on, and strong individuals do move on.” ¬†— Savannah CCYD participant interview

Collaborative decision-making on complex issues is more effective in the long run because stakeholders who are part of an informed decision-making process will be committed to implementation. Consensus building and collaborative processes diminish polarization and power plays that can have long-term negative consequences.

The Logue Group offers proven strategies to fully involve all stakeholders including employees, community groups and government entities in decision-making and consensus-building processes that are fact-based, fair and open. The result is effective action and lasting results.

We help:

  • Assess the opportunity and potential for collaboration.
  • Plan and facilitate collaborative processes on a range of complex issues; prepare meeting summaries, agreements and reports; disseminate information and collect ¬†surveys/feedback to keep all stakeholder groups informed and involved during the process.
  • Develop an action plan to increase collaboration in the workplace or among stakeholders.
  • Develop and sustain a collaborative environment in which effective group decisions can be made.
  • Provide coaching and training in negotiation, communication and collaborative leadership skills in support of the process.

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