The Logue Group can help you manage conflict and resolve disputes in ways that not only bring about solid workable solutions but which enable all parties to act and interact effectively in the future. We have extensive experience in negotiation, conflict management, facilitation, mediation and arbitration in a wide variety of areas.

The Logue Group can design an integrated conflict management system, analyze your current system, and intervene to help shift from negative modes of handling conflict to positive opportunities for change. We have designed and run numerous workshops and seminars for public and private sector clients on negotiation, mediation, communication and other issues.

When a situation has deteriorated we can coach on negotiation strategies to repair it or act in a neutral capacity to mediate differences. We have experience in workplace, construction, business and commercial, environmental, medical and other areas.

The Logue Group can help:

  • Mediate and arbitrate disputes and select appropriate conflict resolution processes.
  • Plan and facilitate meetings to efficiently achieve your goals.
  • Develop an action plan to resolve conflict in the workplace or between stakeholders.
  • Develop and sustain a collaborative environment in which effective group decisions can be made.
  • Design and implement a workplace dispute resolution/integrated conflict management system.
  • Perform conflict assessments, independent investigations and fact findings.
  • Train you and your staff in negotiation, communication, collaborative leadership skills, and meeting management skills.

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