The Logue Group has designed and run numerous workshops and seminars for public and private sector clients on negotiation, mediation, meeting management, conflict resolution, communication, collaborative leadership and other topics.

What people are saying about our trainings:

“Very well organized, smooth transitions. I felt every minute was maximized and valuable. Very helpful materials both for learning now and for building understanding and referencing in the future.”

“The course was even better that than I had anticipated it would be! Although, the days were long they were filled with valuable information and done in a n excellent format. The balance between presentations, role playing and overall participation by all present, made the day fly by.”

What makes training effective is how easy the information is to remember and use. We carefully work with you to assess your organization or group and your needs so that we can design and present training programs that bring about positive, permanent changes. We frequently incorporate scenario-based exercises tailored to your situation or the issue at hand so that participants can practice new skills in situations similar to those they will face in their work.

We can:

  • Tailor a training to the specific needs and characteristics of your employees or stakeholders including their preferred method of learning.
  • Design training scenarios specific to your business or issue.Design follow-up or individual coaching sessions to reinforce skills learned in the workshops and to provide further guidance.
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